Title V


Silverado Construction, Inc. is a powerhouse when it comes to Title V Septic System repairs and installations. We want both the buyer and seller happy with the property the work is being performed on. We pride ourselves on our expert repairs and installations. We go the extra mile to make sure the job is aesthetically pleasing. No one wants to look out their windows and doors and see an unnecessary hill or mountain that is now their Title V Septic System. We are happy to work with the local board of health department as well as your design engineer to make sure your system design is in the background and unnoticeable. The design may need a different type of tank or a simple variance may need to be obtained by the board of health. We have the experience and expertise to make the necessary recommendations that work best for your property. There is no reason you should dread the Title V Septic System process!

If you are interested in a proposal for your Title V Septic System, please contact us at 781-982-1888. We would be happy to discuss your needs fully.

Are you interested in keeping your Septic System working optimally? Follow these suggestions:

  • PUMP your septic tank every one to two years
  • PRACTICE water conservation. Leaky toilets, showers and faucets can cause undue stress to your septic system.
  • KEEP accurate maintenance records (installation, repairs and pumping records are key)
  • DO NOT use chemical additives in your septic tank
  • DO NOT put hazardous chemicals down your drains (i.e. paint, paint thinner, gasoline, pesticides, drain cleaner, bleach, etc.)
  • NEVER flush coffee grinds, dental floss, kitty litter, tampons, condoms, paper towels, sanitary napkins, grease, fats, oils, disposable diapers or cigarette butts
  • DO NOT drive or park on any part of your septic system as it may cause collapse, breakage, etc.
  • DO NOT plant anything over the field as roots may grow into the leaching field and cause clogs or damage to the drain lines
  • DO NOT install a garbage disposal system as these are not Title V Septic System approved.